Dodosim Bell 206


By Vito caresimo 7/4/2016

The DODOSIM Bell 206 in my opinion is by far the most realistic FSX helicopter. For me its on a par with the great DCS Huey in terms of flight dynamics. FSX is known for it lack of accuracy of the helicopter flight model when compared to DCS and Xplane but the DODOSIM ensures that at least this FSX helicopter is on similar terms to its rivals.


There are 5 difficulty levels with 5 being the hardest and most realistic and believe me it is hard. Landing this helicopter is one of the hardest amongst the PC helcopters I've flown apart from the Robinson Bell for Xplane by Dreamfoil. For novice users there is an auto start and tutorial mode. Below is tutorial made easy for starting the helicpter at the highest difficulty level


The development team have replaced the default FSX hover and flight behaviour with their own dynamics, engine and systems management which makes this unique amongst FSX helicopters on the market. It also come with repair and maintainance features! 2D and 3D cockpits are included. Flight handling brings subtle hover feel and whole list of aerodynamic effects like inflow roll. The realisim also extends to the fact that the aircraft systems will fail due to misuse and this information is also logged. There is a virtual workshop where you can even repair the damage. 


In all you wont find a better more realistic helicopter for FSX. Rating 9.5/10