X-plane 11 Q&A


Xplane 11 Answers from Laminar research to www.PCSimulators.org


See below for the full list of questions and answers regarding the newly released X-Plane 11!


Q1 PCsimulators.org :Will any more planes be added to the default base game ?

Laminar Research :Yes, definitely. We have 3 or 4 or 5 more years of free updates to deliver and I’m sure that, at some point, new aircraft will be included.


Q2 PCsimulators.org : Is there any more work to be done on the flight model

Laminar Research : Yes. This work stared 34 years ago and has never stopped. 30 years from now we’ll still be working on the flight model - but we’ll be getting kinda old….:)


Q3 PCsimulators.org Is SLI supported, if not why has this again been left out ?

Laminar Research :Yes, its supported but not recommended as we find you’ll be better off w/ 2 video cards than one, Sir. X-Plane 11 will be better optimized for SLI in the future, as part of our free updates we’ll release.


Q4 PCsimulators.org :. All game controllers have id0 , are there plans to correct name and identify the controllers?

Laminar Research : Yes, in the future.


Q5 : Will more 3D airports be added with the updates in future?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q6 - Can i use all my old add-on scenery from xplane 10 ?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q7 - Can I use my Xplane 10 aircraft ?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q9 - Do i have to pay the full price for plane 11 if I have xplane 10
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q10 - Does plane support VRS (vortex ring state) for helicopters ?
Laminar Research :verifying answer