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Eagle Dynamics talk to PCHelicopters.com

by Vito Caresimo


They don't come bigger or better than Eagle Dynamics when we are talking Combat Flight Simulators. In in another exclusive interview for PCHelicopters.com, Matt Wagner of Eagle Dynamics talks to us about all things DCS. We are delighted to publish this article for our readers.

Q. How many in the team ?

We have about 70 staff and full-time consultants

Q. Do eagle dynamics speak to the military when designing the modules ?


Yes, we have a business that caters to professional training solutions that we term The Battle Simulator (TBS). We have clients from several militaries, and some of our more public projects have been the A-10C and AC-130 training solutions for the US military. http://www.thebattlesim.com/ .In addition to these military clients, we also supply DCS World to many flight simulation entertainment centers around the world.

Q. What real world locations are currently available in DCS ?

All of our map locations are real world locations. These include the Caucasus, Nevada, and Normandy. Other real world locations are in development like the Strait of Hormuz.

below Normandy 1944 map


Q. Do real pilots get involved with testing the modules and are they civilian or military pilots or both?

Certainly. Although a wealth of information can be had from technical operation manuals, videos, images, and books, working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) is critical to meet our high simulation standards.


These are most often pilots and ground crew of the aircraft in development. All aircraft we have developed have been in cooperation with SMEs. This also includes most of the DCS World 3rd party aircraft.

Q. How long has Eagle Dynamics been in operation ?

Eagle Dynamics was established in 1991.

Q. How long does a module take to develop from start to finish ?

It very much varies based on the complexity of the aircraft, how long it takes us to develop required technologies to support the aircraft, and gather required design information. As such, this can vary from 12 months to several years.

Q. Are there plans to make DCS available to next gen consoles like Xbox 1 and PS4 ?

Not at this time. We are focused on Windows PC.

Q. What software is used in making DCS and the modules ?

We primarily use internally developed tools and our own simulation / graphics engine. However, we do use some more basic software such as 3DS Max, Photoshop, etc.

below helicopter modules available for DCS World

Q. Can you tell us about any future products/modules in the pipeline ?

Our first priority is a unified version that supports all the maps and other modules. This will also include an updated, free Caucasus map, new explosions, more optimized performance, improved clouds, and other features. In parallel, new maps are in development like the Strait of Hormuz map, as well as new aircraft modules like the Bo-105, Mi-24P, F/A-18C Hornet, AV-8B N/A, F-14B Tomcat, F-4E Phantom II, and some others that we hope to announce soon.

In addition, there is a wide array of campaigns developed by Eagle Dynamics and 3rd parties.

below the aircraft in development for DCS (note these are real aircraft photos not in game)


Q. Favorite helicopter module ?

For me, my favorite is still one of our first, the Ka-50 Black Shark. However, the B-105 and Mi-24P may soon take that crown!

Q. favorite Aircraft module ?

Although still in development, it’s already the F/A-18C Hornet based on its wide range of roles, flying characteristics, weapons, sensors, and ability to operate from aircraft carriers. I think I will not be alone on this!

below Aircraft Modules for DCS

Q. Favorite game of all time PC or console ?

DCS World of course ?

Q DCS is always regarded as one of the best simulators on the market, what more can we expect in the future from DCS ?

Even after the unified version is released, we will continue to improve all technologies associated with the project to include terrain rendering, visual effects, sound effects, multiplayer, performance/stability, new maps and aircraft, and campaigns. It’s important to remember though that DCS World is a continually evolving product; it is not a static project that we sell a new version base version every few years. Instead, DCS World is freeware that includes two free aircraft, theTF-51D and the Su-25T. (see below)

su25  tf51d

Q. We know about the Normandy 1944 era, are there plans to include other scenarios like World War 1  and other theatres of real battles?

We certainly plan to offer new theater maps, to include World War II.

A GIGANTIC thanks to Eagle Dynamics for speaking to us. We are very grateful for them taking time out to talk to pchelicopters.com

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