mv logo caught up with another major developer, Milviz to talk about their company, their products and all things helicopter flight simulation. Read on to learn more about one of the big developers in helicopter flight simualtion!

Q. Why the name Milviz ?

The name Milviz is actually a short form of Military Visualizations Inc.  That name came into being because of what the company was initially for: making videos/animations for companies like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.  

Now, though we still do that, we also make sim products. 

Q. How long have you been making helicopters for ?

About 7 years.  Initially, we worked with Nemeth Designs but, after four choppers with them, we decided to make our own. More control and, we hope, better quality.  

Q. Which platforms do you currently develop helicopters for ?

Currently we only make choppers for FSX, FSX Se and P3D.  

Q. Will you be developing for any of the new simulators appearing on the market like Flight Sim World, Aerofly, P3Dv4 etc?

Aerofly is a possibility though not at this time.  All of our chopper products (not the ND’s) will be brought into P3D v4.  I can’t comment on FSW at this time.  

Q. Which flight model do your helicopters use? Is in house or a 3rd party?

All of our products use in house coders and flight dynamics.  

Q. Which helicopter is your most popular ?

While we were with ND, that would’ve been the AW109. Now, I’d have to say the Huey.  

below helicopters by Milviz (click to view images)


Q. How long on average doe sit take to develop a helicopter ?

Two to three years. 

Q. Who tests the helicopters? Do any real pilots test them ?

We try very hard to find real pilots to test our products though it can be difficult sometimes depending on the type.  

Q. What do you think is the best flight simulator on the market ?

I’d have to go with P3D v4.1 at this time. It’s under development, it’s 64 bit and the support given by their staff is pretty good.  

Q. Which helicopter you develop is your favourite ?

Wow.  Tough question.  I love them all but, if I could only have one, I’d take the Huey.  Iconic, cool and that noise...  nice!

Q. Across all simulators which is your favourite helicopter ?

See above. 

Q. How many in the Milviz Team

At present, there are, not including testers, 31 employees and myself.  Some of those are contractors but on a permanent basis. 

Thanks for the interview!

Colin Pearson. 

Thanks to Colin Pearson for the interview and taking time to talk to us at As you can see from the screenshots their helicopters are pretty awesome. Go check out their website for mor information

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