Air Missions Hind


Air Missions Hind


Air Missions: HIND is an action combat flight simulator based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter. You will be deployed to the battlefield either on your own or with a friend. It is currently in early access and is available on Steam at time of writing this article for £12.99. There are currently 3 DLC packs available for download which add an extra 3 helicopters. The MI-8, the MI-28 Havoc and the Hokum KA-50. 

MI-24 (included with base game)                                                                                                                                    MI-8

air missions hind m24 air missions hind mi8

MI-28 Havoc (Air Missions Havoc DLC)                                                                                                                         KA-50 (Air Missions Hocum DLC)

air missions hind 28 air missions hind ka50

Game Options

Air missions Hind has a multitude of options to keep players interested. There are options for both single and multiplayer games as well as a test flight option.


The campaign is played in a linear fashion, in other words when you complete one mission the next unlocks. To start players off the first mission helps you get used to the controls and in a way is an interactive tutorial to prepare you for the subsequent missions. In all their are 15 missions based on fictional scenarios across four different environments including Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and even the Arctic circle.


We tried to connect to a multiplayer game but could not find any games at the time we tried, however multiplayer modes include Deathmatch instant action and a very intersting co-op campaign mode. 


Cockpits are presented in amazing detail and are TrackIR compatible. When you move your controls however, the cyclic int he cockpit does not move,so it does not reflect what movements you are making on your control method in the virtual cockpit.


The windows are realistic and there is even dirt on the windows. Graphically the cockpit looks amazing and stands up well to the other helicopter sims on the market.


Visually one of the best graphics across all sims, The terrain is probably the most photorealistic I have seen in a flight simulator type game. Even when you hover near trees , the trees sway back and forth with the force of the air you are generating from the rotor blades. The trees look amazing and dont have that 2D look that some other sims have when you get close. The external views of the helicopter are amazing with great attention to the rotor blades and wheels. The frame rate also was very smooth with no noticeable lockups. Explosions are eyecatching and the smoke billowing out of your vehicle when you have been hit...well it looka just like real smoke!

airmissionshindscenery airmissionshindweapons


The noise of the rotor blades cutting through the air, the sounds of the branches snapping if you go to close, the sound of the engine driving the rotor blades, noise of the firing of weapons and guns. So realistic, the sound has body and flavour and packs a punch!


Whilst it takes off vertically and hovers the flight model is very weak compared to DCS, Xplane and Flightgear. No Vortex ring state issues, you can basically throw the helicopter around and be okay, not much of a challenge and very arcade like. This may be improved in time but even on hard level its no where near the challenge of DCS, X-Plane or Fightgear helicopters.


Another part of this game which passes with flying colors, easy to setup, controllers are easily identified by name unlike Xplane 11 which identifies them as controller IDs. With Air missions hind you know you are configuring your CH throttle Pro or Saitek as it tells you which one you are configuring. Also TrackIR is supported, however make sure you update TRACKIR game support if it doesnt work as we found when we first launched it although Track IR was enabled it wasnt working in game. We then found out there were game updates available for TrackIR and after updating. TrackIR worked with no issues.



The gameplay is immense fun, one of the most fun helicopter games we've ever played and it still in early access, even though the flight model is not very challenging the dogfights are very hard, we tried an instant action scenario and we were attacked from all angles, you really need to be on your toes on the hard levels to mount a serious challenge.

Video Review

Watch our video review here


Great fun, awesome graphics one of the best ever seen in helicopter game, amazing combat but  flight model too arcade like. Its still in early access but we liked it and it would make a great addtion to any helicopter game library.


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